Choosing a Coconut Oil that works for you

In its purest form, Coconut Oil is incredibly healthy for your body. But not all Coconut Oil is pure. Some are cut with other oils, or are cosmetically altered with potentially toxic chemicals. Coconut Oil’s popularity has led to many different types being invented and developed. Not all of these different types are bad, but not all of them serve your body’s needs.


Here’s your guide to choosing the best Coconut Oil for you:


Virgin Coconut Oil

The real stuff! And the best Coconut Oil in my opinion. Virgin Coconut Oil is oil derived from the meat of mature coconuts. It’s the good, fatty oil that comes as a result of processing the meat. No chemicals needed to extract all that goodness. Virgin Coconut Oil is my favorite, personally. It’s by far the purest grade, and you’ll definitely reap the most benefits from using it. But it has a very definite taste. If you don’t like the taste of coconut, you many want to look for an alternative.


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I’ll tell you a secret: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is really no different than Virgin Coconut Oil. It’s not comparable to olive oil, simply because they’re made with very different substances. Don’t fall into the trap of paying more for something for no reason!


Refined Coconut Oil

This Coconut Oil isn’t the purest out of all the options I’ve described here. But it’s a favorite among many because it provides all the benefits of Coconut Oil without the distinctive Coconut Oil taste. It’s also less potentially triggering to those with allergies.

Don’t be afraid to use refined coconut oil! Refined doesn’t mean that unhealthy additives have been added. As long as the Coconut Oil is expeller pressed (a natural, non-chemical process of extracting oil), you definitely won’t be exposing yourself to any harmful chemicals in your coconut oil.


Liquid Coconut Oil

Now it’s time to go to talk about the less natural Coconut Oil substances. Liquid Coconut Oil is natural coconut oil that has been fractionated, with some remaining solids extracted as well. It actually stays in liquid form at room temperature, while Virgin Coconut Oil does not. But there are some downsides. Liquid Coconut Oil is processed to achieve its unique characteristics, and some key aspects of Coconut Oil are removed. One of these is lauric acid, a very healthy fat found in most forms of Coconut Oil. So while this version of Coconut Oil safe to use on skin and in recipes, you’re really not getting all of the benefits of Coconut Oil by using it.


RBD Coconut Oil

This one is the worst Coconut Oil product on the market. RBD stands for Refined, Bleached and Deodorized. That’s referring to the oil, folks!


Coconut Oils that are fragrance free, yet infused with the benefits of various flower and herb extracts, come with the added benefits of those elements. However, not all herbs and flora suit everyone, so be careful what you choose, or store a collection of various smells and infusions so as to be able to pick whichever suits your need best at the time of use.

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