Stretch Marks



Sudden stretching of your skin will make stretch marks to appear. You see those marks because the lower layer of your skin gets ripped due to that stretch of the skin – the scarring takes place in your dermis layer. Since the scarring is a bit deeper, no cream is going to heal the issue completely. However, you can try certain home remedies to improve the appearance of those stretch marks, and something you can trust is Coconut Oil. 


Something that makes Coconut Oil a great treatment option for stretch marks is that it can penetrate deeper into your skin. It prevents stretch marks and plays a role in their removal as well. Coconut Oil contains saturated fats that strengthen the cell walls – it also fights free radicals to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks.


Stretch marks are common during pregnancy. You can prevent those marks by gently rubbing Coconut Oil twice a day. It is a safe remedy for stretch marks to use during pregnancy. In fact, the use of Coconut Oil will help soothe, heal, moisturize, and clarify your skin during pregnancy.

If you have already acquired those unsightly stretch marks, you can slather warm Virgin Coconut Oil on those marks before going to bed to reduce their appearance. Massage gently to ensure it penetrates deep into your skin. Use lukewarm water to rinse your affected area in the morning. Using this simple remedy for a few weeks will make you notice positive changes with a good glow on your skin.


  • Try to apply Coconut Oil to the affected area right after you take a shower because that's when your skin is clean and more capable of absorbing the oil.
  • Take the right amount of oil to ensure it will absorb completely. You don't want to use too much of it especially when you have oily skin.
  • For better effects, create oil blends by combining different essential oils.
  • For super dry skin, try making a mixture of Coconut Oil and olive oil. Add four tablespoons of vitamin E to the mixture with six vitamin A capsules. Use this mixture to massage your skin.

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